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  • How can I rent the back meeting room?
    Give us a call and reserve the room anytime you are looking to have a group meeting or small gathering for up to 20 people. We ask that you purchase food and drink through BRU. You can also email HERE with any inquiries.
  • Where did the name Bru 64 come from?
    Finding a name for this unique café was tough but we decided on the name BRU as it can mean BRU-ing coffee or BRU-ing beer, both which we serve. The spelling was unique and we thought it sounded perfect. "Hey, let's meet at BRU for a coffee." The 64 came about because of the address of the building we are located in. The 64 different craft beers came after.....but its more like 68 beers!
  • Are you hiring?
    We are always accepting applications! Submit our application online or print it off and bring it in! Click HERE to fill out an application today.
  • I had this awesome beer but I cant remember what it was... help?
    We are always rotating our beer and wine list so as much as we would like to help with this one its a little hard. We do however have our "Beer Tour". This comes with a card to keep track of the beers you have as well as a prize for drinking a lot of beer! Learn more about our Beer Tour HERE.
  • I want to play some live music at Bru! How does this work?
    Fill out our band inquiry form HERE and we will check it out! We will contact you soon!
  • I think I lost something at Bru, how can I check?"
    Give us a call at (607) 218-6731 and we will be happy to look around for you!
  • Can I bring my puppy?
    We LOVE all doggos at Bru, so much that we made a patio just so you could sit with your furry friend and enjoy some tasty snacks and drinks. Sadly laws keep us from letting animals inside unless they are service animals.
  • Where does your coffee come from?
    All over the world but it is roasted right here in Cortland by Coffee Mania. Learn more about them HERE!
  • How can I request a donation?
    Click HERE and fill out our donation request.
  • Do you have a punch card or loyalty system?
    We use an electronic point system. With every purchase you make you will receive an amount of points based off of the monetary value of that product. Save up your points for one of your favorite drinks or aim high and save up for a retail product. These cards are electronic and easy to use over and over again. Stop in today and ask your baristas for a loyalty card today! |Beer and wine purchases do not earn points on this loyalty card| Click HERE to learn more about our point system.
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